Wow three updates within two days?!

I feel like I REALLY need to start updating more. It’s still awesome to be able to go back to my Xanga and view old posts because it really helps me re-live college again. We all used to make pretty constant updates on Xanga back in the day, and they were all pretty detailed. Nowadays, we have Twitter and Facebook statuses, but it’s not the same. 140 characters or less AND you’re not able to search through old posts. I’m pretty sure that Twitter and Facebook don’t give a damn about the past and just delete your history. So in an effort to preserve the history that I am making, I will blog more.

Elaine and Kwan’s wedding is this weekend in Houston and it should be really fun. It’s just gonna be one huge party. I have to bring Winston down to San Antonio tomorrow though cuz we’re having Filipino Christmas potluck at Kat, Allan, and Rico’s on Thursday. We’re gonna play mahjongg and basically start acting like our parents.

Also, I haven’t decided what we’re gonna do with our free time after we win the national championship on January 7th. All we know is that on Friday, the day after the game, Deanne reserved some room at South, the bar they took us to for Halloween last year… We don’t really have any plans, which we really should… Conan O’ Brien has been thrown out there… and also, snowboarding at Big Bear is a serious option for me… It’s only freaking 90 miles away… about 2 hours from LAX cuz you gotta zig-zag through the mountains.

If snowboarding at Big Bear doesn’t get scheduled, I really want to head to El Paso before New Year’s and just drive up to Ruidoso. That just seems more of an expensive option cuz it’ll still involve me having to drive to El Paso. Kristine and I are seriously looking for something to do between Christmas and New Year’s because Thanksgiving was just a big waste. I REFUSE to do any work over the holiday break. I got called up while in Phoenix last year to fix crap cuz one of our database servers went down and that was a huge freaking inconvenience.

Kristine and I have had our wedding website up for a while, but we haven’t made it public since we don’t have the details laid out yet, lol. We should have it figured out for sure before the end of the year. If you can figure out the URL (cuz it’s working), i will consider buying you a beer.

I think that was a pretty awesome update. Gotta get stuff done at work this week so I can relax over the holidays!