Twitter Raffles – How Not To Annoy Your Friends

There’s been an abundance of businesses or people conducting raffles where you basically have to subscribe to them on Twitter and then retweet a particular message to help them advertise.  Well, generally that’s kind of annoying if you’re just a normal friend on the receiving end.  So the way I’ve gotten around that is scheduling the tweets to go out at a time at like 3am when no one’s awake.  I don’t know about you, but when I wake up in the morning, I just scroll through tweets and don’t really care about those that came through the night.  I dunno, maybe that’s just me.

The way that I schedule tweets is through Tweetdeck.  There’s a nice little scheduling button on there which will send your tweets out at a specific time.  I find this really nice if I don’t want to bombard my friends with message after message of my brain farts.

Anyway, if you find my 3am raffle tweets annoying, let me know.  I’m just trying to win a free DSLR camera or a trip to Mexico.