Suck It, AppleCare

I’m anxiously awaiting my replacement topcase and keyboard which I bought off of e-bay for $50 bucks… It’s been a known problem with the previous generation of Macbook Pros (my model is A1226) that a small ribbon, which connects the keyboard and trackpad to a small board on the top case, tends to bend and no longer has connection. You can see this ribbon if you take out the battery on the bottom. I’ve been living for several months using an external keyboard and mouse with my monitor, basically using my laptop as a desktop, which isn’t that bad. But I would like to be able to surf the web and do my work on the couch once again.

You may or may not know about my quirks with Apple regarding getting your crap fixed. First off, if you don’t buy the Apple Care extended warranty after the first year, good luck finding parts. The only place I’ve found crap is on E-bay. If you try taking it to the store, they’re gonna charge you an ass load and make you feel bad for not buying AppleCare. They wanted $400 bucks for this repair. Screw you. I found this part for $50 bucks, jerk. All in all, I’ve spent about $120 bucks on replacement parts. My dad dropped my laptop once and I had to replace the optical drive. $120 is still cheaper than buying AppleCare so I win so far.

But you know what, I’ve thought about it and what other laptop manufacturer sells individual parts such as a new keyboard or a new casing? None that I know of? Maybe I’m being a little unfair to Apple. I’m actually glad they’ve only got a handful of models and I there are a decent amount of people out there who have the same thing and are selling their spare parts on e-bay. Sorry Apple, I’ll try not to be so mean next time.