Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card from Chase

Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Card

I typically have the discussion with friends on what credit card they use.  Years ago I swung a lot of people to get this Southwest card because it was so easy to get free flights with this card.  Ever since Southwest got rid of their old rewards program and switched to a points-based program, there wasn’t really an incentive for me to stick with Southwest or use their card for all of my purchases.  So I switched to the American Express Blue Sky card, but I still had to keep this Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa around because they don’t take American Express everywhere, especially Asian restaurants or food carts/stands.

What really bugged me was that I am paying an annual fee on this Rapid Rewards Visa and I wasn’t using the card as much.  So I considered possibly downgrading from the “Plus” card that I currently have or possibly finding another card without an annual fee.  However, I noticed that if I upgraded to the Premier card, there are no foreign transaction fees.  I was particularly interested in the premier card because I’m headed out of the country twice in the next year and I plan on using my card more instead of carrying cash.  I called to ask about the annual fees if I were to upgrade.  Turns out I’m currently paying $59/year for the Plus card w/ 3000 complimentary points and it’s $99/year for the Premier w/ 6000 complimentary points.  Turns out that these 6000 complimentary bonus points equates to $100 in flight credit so the card is technically free.  So if you’re in a situation like me where you need a Visa without fees because you don’t use it as much, and you plan on heading out of the country every once in a while, I can recommend this Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card.