Side Projects

I have like 3 or 4 side projects that I want to get rolling on…  but I feel like there’s little time to work on those kinda things.  Kristine and I went to Mozart’s this past Saturday so I could work on something I’d been putting off since September and it actually felt really good.  Now that college football season is over, my Saturdays have to be devoted to something, right?

But in order to get these things done, I have to spend way more time than the weekends to do these things.  When I get home from work (where I do web development), sometimes I don’t feel like doing more web work.  I’ve obviously gotta have some sort of balance in my life.  Things like going to the gym, watching my Netflix movies, keeping up with TV shows, PS3, cooking, and just time with Kristine all supercede the time for side projects.  Most likely, i’ll have to give up the Netflix, fall behind on TV shows, or something…  Or maybe I can organize myself enough to actually get all this stuff done!  Maybe.

By the way, hello Facebook…  I was kinda iffy about importing into Facebook notes, since I think I’ve already got enough exposure on Facebook, but whatever.

I’ve also added a bunch of blogs/websites on my blogroll on If you want me to add your blog or website, let me know.