I’m sitting here at LAX waiting for a delayed flight home so I might as well blog from my phone.

After visiting New Zealand, I kinda feel a bit ignorant that I didn’t know how much of a big deal rugby is to the rest of the world. Pretty much the whole country of New Zealand is crazy about their All Blacks team the way we’re crazy about Texas Longhorn football. In fact, on the flight back here to the states, I watched the whole movie Invictus starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon which is about rugby and South Africa upsetting the badass New Zealand All Blacks. I was a little upset that I scheduled our return flight on the Saturday when New Zealand was playing Ireland just so I could give myself a day to recover before heading back to work.

I still don’t understand the scoring in rugby but I do know that it’s pretty damn hardcore since they don’t wear any pads. But I do think if the US started playing internationally, we could put some NFL guys in there and start kicking some international ass. I’m not sure why rugby hasn’t caught on here, but it should!