Post-Christmas Update

Hm, about that “updating frequently” thing. I failed at that. Anyway, I’m halfway through Christmas break and it’s been rather relaxing. I had to work a little last week while I was still in Austin, but it was nothing big. It was a SOAP connection that was being erratic, but I figured it out. I might actually make a post about it cuz that’s what this blog was originally supposed to be for.

Christmas was good… I’ve been maintaining an Amazon wishlist and basically got the stuff I wanted! It makes it so much easier for people that need to buy gifts for me. We’re both happy. If you’re interested in making me happy, here’s the link: I got a camelback (water backpack) which will be great for snowboarding, a Canon backpack for all my camera stuff (beats the hell out of the other bag i’ve been using), wrenches, and a hand vacuum. All stuff I need.

I drove from San Antonio to Beaumont on Sunday and finally met Ramona and a few more of Kristine’s friends. It was a lot of fun hanging out with them until 4 in the morning, playing Apples to Apples, VC, speed, and a bunch of other random card games, lol. Oh yeah we went bowling for a bit too. Ramona’s gonna be one of Kristine’s bridesmaids so that brings our total to 7 on each side :-)

We’re here in New Orleans right now. We’re staying at a 4.5 star hotel called Le Pavillion It feels very New Orleans-like, service is awesome, except parking is $28 a day! It’s really not that far from the French Quarter, maybe a short 5 minute walk to cross Canal St. We’ve been eating a lot. We’ve basically done every restaurant that Adam has done on Man vs. Food. Mother’s, Cafe Dumonde, and Acme Oyster House. We went to Mother’s on a whim, but then Krisitne remembered that this was a place that he had gone to. Kristine picked the other two spots, which were absolutely awesome. We might just follow everywhere he goes in each city we’re visit. But yeah, the food in this city is no lie. Oh, we also went to Deanie’s Seafood for dinner, which actually put my stomach over the top. So full. We came back to the hotel, grabbed our free PB&J that the hotel provides at 10pm every night and got too lazy to head out again for drinks. Sign of getting old.

Okay, not sure what I’m still doing up, but I need to sleep. We’re finally making good progress on Dexter. We’re on Season 2 Episode 4. I’m not sure why I’d been watching the other garbage on television cuz Dexter is so superior to anything else on TV. Okay, good night.