Picking Out a Wedding Photographer

So as you may or may not know, Kristine and I have an impending wedding coming up. I was talking to one photographer today at this vendor expo we were at and I asked him what kind of camera he had. He said he was a Canon person and he had a Canon 50D Mark II. There’s no such thing as the 50D Mark II. I’m pretty sure he said 50D. Not 5D. I’ve crossed him off my list of possibilities, lol.

It’s hard to narrow down and pick a wedding photographer. There’s so many of them and the market is saturated. So it comes down to personality and whether or not it looks like the photographer will work well with you. And sadly, that’s why I’ve eliminated photographers who look like they don’t know how to operate a computer.

Another scenario – We passed by one vendor who had a gigantic blowup of a photo… let’s say 2 feet by 3 feet… but the photo was badly pixelated. Okay, so on my last post about High Definition, I said “Megapixels don’t matter”. That’s not entirely true. If you’re gonna blow up a picture that big, you need a lot of megapixels. These people did not understand that. The worst part of it is that this same vendor had packages starting at $5000. That’s absolute garbage. Be educated.

Some photographers also used some really crappy pictures in their sample albums. The point of a portfolio is to show your BEST work. Honestly, if people see one really bad picture, they’re gonna make judgments of your work as a whole… Common sense, right?

So not all photographers are bad. Like I said, it’s gonna come down to personality with these vendors. Most of them are nice, some were awkward, some of them know their stuff. Hopefully we’ll come to a decision soon!