Hey guys, i got a new cell phone number..  You’ll have to IM me or something to get it cuz I don’t think publishing it on the web is the smartest idea.

Aight, I don’t know why this thing isn’t working as my background music, but I want you all to listen to a little bit of Glassjaw.  Here’s my favorite song from them…  it’s called Ape Dos Mil

Alright, I’m hammered.  and i haven’t felt like this in sooo long.  It’s a shitty feeling, but I feel a sense of satisfaction.  If you know what I mean.  Thank you Rico for driving me and my car home. 

mad props to all the Silk Mangos! Earlier’s show was so great.  I know they put so much time and effort into it…it really showed.

Fuck, i’d really like to talk more but I think i’m gonna pass out.  bye.

Currently Playing:  Refreshments – Banditos

What the hell…they put me on Xanga premium and I didn’t even ask for it.  punks.

so far i’ve only had one person comment on what I should do regarding where I blog.  Gayle suggested I just blog here and link over to my site whenever I have pictures.  Good thinking.  Besides how many of you people actually go to my website?  None of you.  That’s what I thought.  So I think I’m going to heed her advice.  It’s just more convenient for you all I guess and more people (including strangers) will be checking in. 

Alright, so let it be known!  Frank has totally given into Xanga.

In other news, Leah’s decided to run against me for treasurer…  our friendship has been put on “standby”.

Is it just me or are there 30 different things going on for FSA in the month of April?

The Texas Relays are this weekend….  on Saturday you will get to witness the two fastest men in the world run.  Maurice Greene and Tim Montgomery.  Each person has run the 100m in 9.79 and 9.78 seconds respectively.  Let me reiterate that THE FASTEST MEN IN THE WORLD WILL BE IN AUSTIN.  Tell me if you wanna come… Xerxes, Leah, and Janie have shown interest.  We’ll try and get outta there in time to watch some Final Four basketball.

A few people have asked where the hell I was this past weekend..  I was here at the apartment…doing a little bit of homework, watching movies..  oh yeah, rent Igby Goes Down…that’s gotta be one of my more favorite all time movies..  But yeah, I just didn’t take the initiative to call anyone last friday night…  and I didn’t find out about Erwin’s thing until I checked my e-mail around Midnight..  sorry erwin!  ya know I would’ve been there.

Oh yeah, I have never seen an April Fool’s joke go so far..  It was a freaking good one too.  This thing about TJ Ford, Mouton, and Ivey getting suspended from the Final Four due to academic reasons…  Man, so many people were freaking out…lol.  Including myself.

In closing, I would like to reaffirm my manhood by admitting that I like to sip beer with a straw.

Currently Playing:  Glassjaw – Ape Dos Mil

Dang, some of you all pay for Xanga??  WHY!?  Especially Allan, what the hell, you don’t even blog!

And do you guys think I should blog here or on my website…  in other words, which are you more likely to read?  If enough of you convince me to make the switch, I might…  It’s just that I like having my own webpage..   Xanga doesn’t have a picture gallery…hah, and some of you all are paying…fools.