What’s up peoples…  I’m still here in College Station just chillin…  I got in around a little before 6:00 on Friday afternoon…  The drive wasn’t so bad… Anyway, we did’nt do much here that night except rent a movie…  Swimfan…  We were watchin it at 303 the night before but I was half asleep..  Anyway, yesterday was pretty fun..  we left here in the morning to drive down to Houston…Clearlake to be precise..  so me Greg and Manny “my cousins” and about half of Philsa (about 6 others)..lol..went down to Galveston to go to a Paguio family get together..  I don’t really talk to Chris all that often but he was down there.  We saw people catching sharks on the pier…  I don’t know why seeing a shark laying out to die seemed worse than seeing a fish..  I figured it’s cuz I don’t think anyone wants to eat a shark.  and he would die for no reason.  I met a few more Houston peeps and we were just talkin about goodphil, what should happen next year..blah blah blah…  anyway, it was good conversation and easy to get to know each other since they know a lot of the same UT FSA peeps.. 

Heh..  anyway, I hadn’t been to Galveston since like I was in 5th grade..  I thought it would be a lot greener, but it’s like a dirty marsh…  I’m pretty sure it looks nicer on other days when the sun’s out..  Hmm, so after that we went up to this place called Kemah…  I’d never been there before…they’ve got a boardwalk with some stores and carnival games and rides and stuff..that was cool..

We then went to a house party back in Clearlake…  mmm…they were boilin crawfish…  oh yeah,i forgot to mention that we’d been eating all day..  i wish i could eat like this in austin…  damn, we should thow a small potluck before the end of the year..  So I was stuffed by the end of the day…  We drove back to college station and got in around 10ish… 

I wanna comment on Easter mass earlier..  So this is College Station where it’s mostly white people..right?  Is it worng to be checkin out all thie fine girls that are all dressed up for church today?  Cuz geez, you can’t help but look around the church and notice some of em… But don’t get me wrong… I was paying attention to the mass..  lol..  Aight, so I’m out…I’ll be outta here and back in Austin in a few hours after we eat…  Later!

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Aight, so I’m not stayin in Austin for Easter…hooray..  I’m goin to college station to chill with my godbro’s from back home…  Later fools

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Dang.  6:30 in the morning.  It’s hard to believe I haven’t collapsed yet.  I was so tired before heading out to 303..and then we went to the Omega house..  then back to 303..  I’m too tired to recall things tonight…  I’m out..

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Ugh, so I’m done with my two tests today..  the week’s over.  I’m exhausted and irritated.  Someone ate almost all the rice and didn’t cook any more…  how the hell am I gonna eat my bangus (a delicious fish) without any rice.. and the rice bin is looking low…  Ugh.. 

I was gonna try and go to church but I think I already missed it.  Oh well, I’ll go tomorrow for sure.

Ehh, so if nothing goes down tonight, I’ll probably mess around with some ideas for the webpage…  I never have a set idea in mind like colors and layout, but it’s just a bunch of trial and error to see what looks good ya know..  And maybe while I’m at it, I’ll do something about my Errata page.  Yeah, I had tons of bad reviews.  Talk about simplicity…hehe.  Thanks again everyone for voting…and shoutouts to those that voted straight ticket for Frank..(at least that’s what they tell me).  just playin. 

But back onto the topic of my Errata page, I think I need to take it down temporarily anyway so I can fix my account…  last year the ECE dept (electrical and computer engineering) decided to have everyone’s accounts unaccessible to the public due to cheating and crap..  anyway, Rico gave me all these unix commands to undo it…  it ended up screwing up my entire ECE account so i can’t do certain things at the lab… blah..  to make a long story short for you fucks, I’m a geek.

K, i guess that’s it… if anyone’s still here in town for the weekend, gimme a ring

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FSA Officer Elections were earlier…  sorry Frank Fans, i’m not the treasurer.  But I’m not at all disgruntled because Gerry is a hell of a lot more qualified than I am… He’s got a freaking business for crying out loud.  I only have two dollars!  j/k…I’m glad he’s our treasurer.  yeah, so I gave Secretary a shot and I really didn’t have anything to say for that…  Just Bullshittin up there..  so if you haven’t figured,

Public Speaking is not my forte

.  LoL.  Sorry, I just got really nervous when my fuckin disk didn’t work.  Okay, so Kat won secretary..  I didn’t hear her speech but it must’ve been good.  Then people encouraged me to do webmaster.  I figured I might as well…  I felt a lot more comfortable during that speech and things flowed slightly better…heh.  So yes, i’m the webmaster..  hear me roar.  Okay, time to study..

Okay, I know I talk about home alot, but I just need to note this. I was reading this and they want to rename the 35 mile stretch of I-10 that runs through El Paso after the creator of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry since he was born in El Paso. What the hell are they thinking? This guy isn’t even a fucking hero! Wow, if all these lawmakers are seeing is this as the potential to lure Trekkies into El Paso to boost the city’s economy, I am definitely going to make sure these retards don’t get into office next election.

Okay, so I’m here at the UGL and i’m lookin at my finals schedule…  Oh my god, I might as well kill myself. 

Thursday May 8:  ECO 304
Friday May 9:  EE 313, EE 322c
Saturday May 10:  E 316k, EE 319k

Today is April 16.  It’s time to get scared.

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Okay, so I just sent a little complaint to the Office of the Ombudsman.  If you know what the purpose of the Office of the Ombudsman is and you know what has been irking me since last Fall, you can kinda deduce what my little complaint was all about.  Sorry, I’m just so fucking disgusted…it’s sick.  A select few of you know exactly what I’m talking about.  It’s just going way beyond reasonable.

Jesus Christ, change of subject.  What the hell’s with the wind?  At least it’s not like back home where you could wipe your forehead with your hand and you can see the grains of dirt on your fingers.  People that lived by the mountain would have their roofs flying off and crap…  Crazy.

Congrats to the softball team…they won huge again..heh..  Aight, that’s it.  Gotta sleep.

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OH NO!  0 days remaining for my Xanga Premium trial!!

I just heard some potential good news from Junior…one of his friends from Killeen wants to sublease my room for the summer..for a month or two.. that would be awesome.  I still don’t have no idea where I’m living next year… Perhaps with Rico and Tony…Ron said he’s probably moving out and Vincent has several options I believe.  By the way, today’s Vincent’s 20th birthday, make sure you kick him in the balls this week.

So I got advised today…  Vincent recommended that I do peer advising at the IEEE office since it’s a hell of a lot faster and they’ll be more helpful than an adult who’s never taken the classes before…  By the way, there’s a fucking 100 dollar advising fee that we pay each semester.  The past 3 semesters that I’ve been in EE, we did avising online…  it was done in like 3 minutes.  Bam.. 100 bones.  I didn’t even see anyone in person.  These people shouldn’t be paid at all.  I think the advising office should be eliminated as part of the next series of budget cuts.  I think any decent individual can follow a set list of classes to take and ask other people on whether this looks like a good course load or not.  Okay, enough on that.

Oh, my EE322c prof moved my test to next Tuesday…so yay, just two tests on Thursday.  Good times. 

So officer elections are tomorrow again.  I’m a bit nervous.  I really really want the treasurer position.  I don’t know if I’d be happy in any other spot.  I already know that it’s definitely not gonna be an easy job but I am definitely up for the challenge…  I’ve already got a speech ready and I realized that 2 minutes is way too little time.  Heh, that’s alright…  That’ll keep me from rambling on. 

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Bad news kids.  A Perfect Circle will only be appearing on selected dates of the Lollapalooza tour.    Yeah..  and they’re not coming anywhere near Texas.  Bunk.  Well, the Vans Warped Tour looks pretty cool (GLASSJAW!, The Used, and 20 more bands i’ve never heard of..j/k), but it’s happening in July and I might be back in El Paso…  And thanks to the shitty turnout of like 300 people like 3 years ago (j/k there were more), the Warped tour doesn’t pass through El Paso the years that they actually have bands worth seeing…  I mean, who the fuck wanted to see the Mighty Mighty Bosstones when “The Impression that I Get” was sooo 1997?

Ack, so many things to do this week..   Too bad sleep is at the end of the list.