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Damn it, I had a pretty long discourse on how I don’t think I’ve seen one fine Hispanic girl out here in Austin.  Screw Xanga.  I’m still not buying Premium.

And I don’t know why Allan hasn’t blogged in an eternity.  He used to talk about how his luck with the females was in a slump.  He doesn’t talk about that anymore so I think he’s gay.

Today was a pretty productive day between the hours of 12:00 and 8:00.  I got sooo much done.  I’m still not done but it lighten’s tomorrow’s load.  Kinda.  I have one more fucking lab involving a breadboard and a bunch of resistors and tiny lights…and something’s supposed to happen.

Oh yeah, I calculated my possible GPA this semester…  either a 2.6 or 2.8.  Meaning…  I should be able to get into Major Sequence. 

Geez.  Coming into this University, I didnt’ think I’d be worrying about barely cutting the minimum.  I looked at what Xerx was doing in his MIS stuff and it looked pretty fun…  but during the Running of the Horns, me and Krissy met this girl..she was Filipina but like 25ish or so…her name was Christine also (what is that, like the 6th Christine?)..anyway, she graduated MIS and she’s been having trouble looking for a job so she’s going back to school and doing Nursing.  How fucking crazy is that??  Maybe all of our moms did make the right choice…  Heh.

Oh, I better get a suit for formal, like now… I talked to Allan and I forgot that they gotta do alterations and stuff….fudgepackers..  Okay, tomorrow if I have time. 

So here are me and Tina…last year’s Rookies of the Year…who will it be this year…hmm….

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Hmm, so I managed going back to sleep early this morning.  I was bored for a bit so I decided to keep trying to figure out to figure out the damn algorithm to make the calendar work on the website..  I know of a really cheap way to solve the problem, but it’s so cheap!  Then again, this isn’t for a grade…geez.

Anyway, I woke up at about 10:00 and I forgot what the hell I did… I was probably reading Xangas.  lol.  I was planning on just driving straight to the Paintball fields since it’s not too far from the airport, but we had a little problem…  Gerry had the list of people who paid but he was at work so I had to get a hold of his roommate Greg and we were rummaging through Gerry’s folders and crap lookin for it.. anyway, to make a long story short, we ended up at the paintball fields with Mark coming in late cuz he missed a turn and went pretty far south on 183…

Well paintball was pretty fun…  I think a lotta people had a good time getting shot at…  It was pretty scary at times when people’s CO2 tanks just started exploding spontaneously…  and my highlight of the day…getting shot at in the nuts by my ading James.  He rushed me and got me to surrender but then a second person jumped out and scared him so he shot me in the sweet spot.  This all happened in like a split second by the way.  Yup…definitely a story to tell the kids…if i’m able to have any.  I know he felt absolutely horrible about shooting me there cuz I dropped down to the ground after it happened.  I let him know that I’m fine and we can just laugh about it now…  haha.

So yeah…  the most important rule was broken today by a specific individual who could’ve potentially lost his eye…  Keep your fucking mask on you dumbass.  Anyway, the guys who ran the place cut our day short cuz they were just pissed at people for not following rules..  I don’t blame em.  Kinda sucks that everyone had to go though. 

So yet again, I haven’t done shit all night as far as school’s concerned.  The partying started last Monday.  What the hell.  That’s definitely not going on this week.  Promise.

Oh yeah, Senior Wills are lookin good…all 5 out of the possible 18 that i’ve received…heh…  y’all better finish sometime!! 

Aight, back to work.

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Man, I fucking overslept… I took a nap around 9:30 on the sofa and woke up at 5:00 to the sound of a drunk Stacey storming in…lol…  I suppose everyone was at HQ…  blah, I needed to take a break and actually get some sleep.  So it’s almost 5:30 and I’m fucking wide awake.  god damn it.

Okay, so whatever I was mad about last night, it’s all good now.  But still don’t chuck a basketball at people’s faces.  lol.

Today was an awesome day.  I woke up early this morning to run in the Running of the Horns..a 5k “fun run” that runs in and around campus.  There were more than 1100 people there to run.  It was crazy.  Me, Krissy, Leslie, Nessa, Joe, Edita, and Dannug all ran…  heh, i was all stressin cuz we weren’t signed up as a team, but it didn’t even freaking matter cuz i doubt we were the top finishing co-ed team in a crowd of that many…  It was pretty challenging…  I haven’t ran at all since Goodphil and the rolling hills of campus make it pretty darn tough..  You try running up and down 24th street during the last mile of your race..damn.  But let’s see… I finished 380 somethin.. with a time of about 27:20 or so… What a crappy time!  haha, during high school i used to be able to do sub 20:00..  That was high school.  and then again, this was a fun run.  it was funny cuz everyone was joking around and laughing until we hit the first major incline by the law building.  haha…

okay, enough running talk.  after that we had our booth for 40 acres…  Yeah, no one came out dry…haha.  I was pretty fuckin tired of walking between East Mall and Main mall like a million times so I just sat down towards the end.  But the best thing of the day was that we won Best Overall Booth!  Hah!  we beat out all the 100 or so organizations that were out there..(that’s just an estimate).  So we won $1000 bucks and we’ll be spending that money appropriately.

That’s all folks.. 

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Okay, what the hell is this Xanga shit…  They have this “never lose a post” feature.  I’m fucking guessing that they have this thing mess up periodically so that people will buy their Xanga Premium.  Bullshit.  I did lose last night’s post at like 6am but whatever.

Okay, so I requested that everyone’s senior wills be submitted by tonight.  Krissy, Armin, and Sarah already turned theirs in.  And as expected, everyone else is gonna wait till Sunday or some shit.  during last monday’s officer’s meeting we figured a quarter of a full page would be allotted to each graduating senior but it’s just like so short!  blah..  It doesn’t do justice at all when it’s so short.

Anyway, somethin was really bothering me… we were drinkin at HQ as usual last night…  someone who i’ll leave unnamed right now tried to throw a fucking basketball straight at my face… it missed and hit Gayle on the head who was sitting next to me…  but what the hell…throwing a basketball at someone’s face??  what kind of fucked up shit is that?  then he bounces the ball on my head to play it off…  yeah.  way to be a fucking role model. 

You can lead a whore to water
and you can bet she’ll drink and follow orders.
And I said, “Is this what you wanted?”
“Is this what you needed?”
Give it some more time.
-Glassjaw “Pretty Lush”

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Okay, when the hell am i gonna start doing work?  It’s 4:15 on a Wednesday!  ahhh!!  But I had a fun time tonight…

Happy Birthday to Christine M., Anne Marie, and Michelle Dano!  Sorry I had to state more than just the first name cuz yeah..they’re just common names..  We were up in Pflugerville earlier at Camille’s place for a YFC OTP..haha, Old Testament Party..  I didnt’ have quite the time to come up with an outfit but that was okay…  Had some pizza and played a ton of games…wow…  Cranium, Taboo, Sardines, Mafia, the Movie Game…  good times.  It’s crazy Camille lives in that house by herself…  It’s pretty nice.  And oh yeah!  special performance by Blessed..very awesome

Okay, I promise I will do schoolwork all day tomorrow.  One World Performance tomorrow night though..  We’ll see how tinikling goes.. .gosh i wish i knew that dance already.  Anyway, I’m out.

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K, i haven’t been doing my work lately cuz I’ve been working at something I shouldn’t even be concerned about till summer…  This is retarded.  Here’s what I’ve been doing:  I’m making a calendar in PHP that I wanna put on the webpage.  All the numbers just automatically generate themselves so I won’t ever have to touch it again once this is done.  I’ve made all the numbers show up but I can’t get the correct days to show up in the right columns.  For example, today’s the 23rd and I need it to show up in the Wednesday column…  I’ve been using webspace on to test my stuff out.  Hell, I can probably find the answer to this on the web…COPY AND PASTE, but I want to do this myself.  A lotta you don’t know the gratifying sensation you get when your program works.  I guess I’m starting to get an appreciation for computer programming… for a while I hated this crap cuz a lot of the stuff that we learned in class goes beyond the realm of what I need to do for this webpage.  Yesss… so 10 more stars for geekiness.

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Fudge. I got a my two tests from last Thursday back. Let’s just say that I gotta do fucking good on the finals if I wanna stay in Engineering. Am I just dumb now or what. I mean, I’m totally capable of scoring higher on these tests… I just made some careless mistakes. I guess it kinda goes back to that thing we did at A&M during that leadership conference where us North people get the job done, but the results are like… rushed.. if ya know what I mean.

Anyway, we had a pretty long officer meeting yesterday… I like this organizing stuff and keeping everyone informed. We’ll see if I get sick of it. As far as webmaster duties are concerned, I’ve been messing around with crap but hell, I have the whole damn summer to be satisfied on a layout.

We had an Ice Cream Social earlier for Camp Texas… man, I didn’t know the fucking thing was gonna be business casual… I started calling people up in Jester and finally got a hold of my friend Jose… He lent me a shirt to go with my carpenter jeans and tennis shoes.. Talk about stylin’. Anyway, free Amy’s ice cream was awesome. For the amount that I ate, that would’ve probably cost me about 7 to 8 bucks. They’re so overpriced. And the people that work there scare me a little… no offense’re an exception. I don’t know, it’s like they hire these people off the Drag to come and handle your ice cream… i’ve always wondered why the hell the ice cream is so gooey.

I went to my microeconomics class for the first time since like Goodphil. I’m kinda lost in there. It’ll come together come test time.. An A is still possible in that class but assuming my track record here at UT, i’m probably getting a B. Aight, time to eat..

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Blahhh…i’ve gotta read all of Huckleberry Finn before finals…  what a bitch.