Mopac/45/Veloway Bike Ride

I just started using this Instamapper application together with my Blackberry and it puts out decent results without having to go buy a Garmin Forerunner. The Garmin is still on my Christmas wishlist though.

So regarding this ride, I did this ride initially with @djpinoy and @pedalmikester and had a really difficult time seeing as it was my first real bike ride. I tried it out again with @taboogle like two weeks ago and did alright. Yesterday I did better, but I didn’t have very much energy considering I had only about 4 hours of sleep the night before. It was way more dangerous this time since it was after work hours and there was a lot more traffic coming through. There’s some parts where there isn’t a emergency lane on the right. But I survived. Looking to try it again only on early weekend mornings :-P.

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HBO or Showtime?

The newest season of Dexter is coming this weekend and I can’t decide whether we should switch back to Showtime instead of HBO. Kristine and I are big fans of the shows on Showtime like Dexter, Weeds, The Tudors, Californication… but the movies on Showtime are absolutely horrible. We switched to HBO primarily because of the decent movies that come on every once in a while. Entourage is just about the only series we watched.. Haven’t really caught onto True Blood yet. Sigh, I dunno… I’m thinking we may just stay with HBO and get the Showtime shows through some other methods which I will not mention here 😛

Canon 60D

I’m really looking to upgrade my current DSLR to something with a better build and something with HD Video capability.  There’s a couple things that still differ from the 7D like the number of AF points and the number of continuous frames per second, but I think those are things I can live without.   I’m really excited about the Speedlite transmitter which was only on the 7D before.  It comes out September 22nd I think.

Stop Paying So Much for Printer Ink

I ordered this printer ink on Amazon for our Canon MX700 ink jet printer.  It’s currently going for $5.86 plus shipping.  My first thought is, how the hell is it so cheap?  For this many cartridges, you’d probably be paying close to $80 bucks!  Well, I ordered it and it came it relatively quickly and I really have no complaints.  It works just like normal.  Now I don’t have to complain if i rarely use my printer and the ink dries up a bit because I barely paid anything for this.  Try it out.  Start ordering these third-party ink cartridges and stop overpaying.

Paying Off Debt

So I think I’m finally in a position to start making bigger payments on my two loans… one for my car, one for college.  I can’t wait to pay these things off and POCKET this money.  I plan on taking really good care of my car and running it into the ground, hoping that it’ll last at least 15 years.  I’ve had it for about 2 years, so that’ll take me into 2021.  I’ll be 38?  Also with my school loan, if I decided to just pay the minimum each month, I’d be 37 when it’s done.  I don’t even want to calculate how much interest I’d end up paying over that whole time period.

Rick Perry is an Idiot

Rick Perry has been quoted saying bombs have been going off in El Paso and bullets have been hitting City Hall… Where the hell does he read his news? El Paso is not the same place as Juarez and it sure as hell is a lot safer than the rest of the cities in this country… Only 2 murders in 2010 so far. 2! I can go to the Houston Chronicle and read about 2 murders today.

PS3 Can’t Read Mac OS Extended (Journaled) Formatted External Hard Drives :-(

Son of a b..  Now I realize why I had formatted my external as FAT32 (on a previous post I said it was NTFS, but I was wrong).  I usually transfer a bunch of tv episodes or movies from my Macbook Pro to my external hard drive just so I can watch it on the PS3 and big screen.  Well since I had to reformat that hard drive as Mac OS Extended (Journaled), the PS3 isn’t gonna be able to recognize it when I plug it into the USB port.  Ugh.  I guess I gotta seriously look into getting the uPNP on the NAS working so I can stream videos from there to the PS3.  I’ve gotten the pictures and music to work, but video isn’t showing up on the PS3 as a network drive for some reason.