One Drunken Weekend. BONUS video included!

Whenever the Houston friends come into town, you can expect the “excessive”.  This term was coined during camping last year.  Pre-drinking at Marc’s, Pluckers for wings and beers, then we end up somewhere in the warehouse district.  That was Friday.  Saturday involved pho to soothe the hangover, a brewery tour at the Jester King Brewery for more beer, then Albert and his band had a show which was the first time for a lot of us, then dirty sixth to Mike Canlas’s delight.  Luckily I don’t play golf (yet) so I didn’t have to wake up early like some people.  But we did meet them at Buffet Palace for lunch.  For dinner I was telling myself I had enough of eating out, but we still went to have burgers at Mighty Fine BECAUSE THEY CLOSED RED ROBIN ON BRODIE.  BOOOOOO!  Overall, it was a fun weekend.  Luckily we don’t do this very often, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun when we do.

I brought out the camera to our brewery visit which was pretty fun and relaxing.  I picked up a cheap Velbon monopod several weeks back to help stabilize the camera without having to awkwardly set up a tripod everywhere, but there’s obviously tradeoffs.  It’s very portable, but the footage is still too shaky for my liking.  There’s a good Manfrotto monopod that runs for almost $300 bucks but I don’t think that’s within my budget at the moment.  There’s a ton of camera equipment I feel like I need before we do a lot of travelling soon but I’m just postponing the splurge for as long as possible.  With all this equipment, I still don’t think I have any aspirations of going into video or photography professionally.  I might try a trial gig for fun, if I ever get good enough…  It’d be nice to be able to have some extra cash I suppose.  But I just wanna take nice pictures and video without any pressure from a client who’s expecting quality work.  I don’t really need that added stress right now.

Anyway, here’s the video…