My Next Phone

My Verizon Wireless contract ends next Wednesday so I’m planning on getting a new phone.  For the longest time I’ve been wanting an iPhone primarily for the dozens of cool applications there are on the iPhone App Store.  But, due to the shitty economy, I think i need to save some cash and jump back on my family’s family plan with T-Mobile.  I was paying about 70 bucks a month on Verizon for the most basic voice plan, unlimited text, and the most basic data plan.  That’s a lot for one line.

Now, if I get an iPhone, i’ll probably be paying a little over a hundred bucks to be with AT&T.  And I hear they have shitty customer service.  Another thing about the iPhone I don’t like is that you can’t take out the battery.  Nor can you switch out the storage or increase the storage.

What I’ve been kinda eyeing lately is RIM’s Blackberry Curve 8900 which is supposed to come out soon.  It’s no 3G iPhone, but it should take care of everything I need. I can take out the battery, and if they ever come out with flash cards bigger than 16GB, i could totally upgrade, lol.  I may consider hooking it up with my work e-mail, but that’s still to be decided.  I haven’t really figured out how much the family plan + extra features I need for the Curve will cost, but i’m hoping my share of the bill will be less than what I’m paying now.   If anyone has any input on this, that would be awesome :-)