Is It Really High-Definition?

So I finally dove into buying a pocket camcorder… I think most people who own one of these probably owns a Flip, but I wanted to venture away from that and go with Kodak Playsport, mainly for the fact that it lets you put your own SD card in it. You’re not limited to a 60 or 120 minute recording. Oh, and it’s waterproof too. So look forward to all those Youtube videos recorded in my shower.

A lot of these cameras brag about being able to record in 1080p, but seriously, is it really HD? I think the same thing applies here as applies with digital cameras, and I’ve had a few friends who’ve had a hard time grasping the concept of how megapixels don’t matter! You could have a 15 megapixel photo, but the quality could be absolutely horrible. So the fact that this camera can record with a resolution 1920×1080 probably means that i’ve got a video that doesn’t need to stretch when I put it on my TV, but it’ll probably look mediocre to bad. But I guess the goal of me purchasing this camera wasn’t to put videos on my TV, but to upload it to youtube where quality isn’t always the most important thing. What just irks me is the fact that they market the terms 1080p and HD so heavily… Don’t be deceived.