Friday Frankosh.0

I think I’m going to start with a weekly featured video cuz there’s a lot of stuff I want to share.  And for the next few weeks, I really want to showcase some of the random music I used to listen to on the radio.  In particular: Power102, El Paso’s #1 station for hip hop and r&b.  But honestly, back in the 90’s it was a lot different.  Por ejemplo:

This is the kinda music kids in El Paso grew up to in the 1990’s.  We had a little Facebook wall conversation among a few El Paso friends about how this song just brought back memories.  You know, school dances and such, lol.  Kristine told me that they played country music at her school in Beaumont, and that sure as hell wouldn’t fly at a school dance in El Paso.

Anyway, there’s a few more hits in Español which I will highlight in later weeks.