Cycling is awesome. And you should bike too.

This is gonna be a random post of thoughts.

Out of all my interests/hobbies, I have to say cycling is probably the best thing I could be doing.  I wish I had picked this up a few years earlier.  So I’ll be honest, I haven’t lost very much weight since that post I made several months ago.  I’m still lingering around 187-190lbs.  BUT, I definitely feel a lot more in shape than I have in a few years.  According to a bunch of stuff I’ve read, I’m supposed to leave all that weight loss for the off season.

Compared to when I first got my bike last October, I’m not afraid of all the hills around our area.  They’re a piece of cake now.  Also, my average heart rate on my workouts was like 180+.  I knew something was definitely wrong when it was that high like four months ago.  Now I’m averaging around 160ish, which is awesome.  Because of this leg strength I’ve built back up, I’m able to run 3 miles w/o very comfortably and I’m not gasping for air…

Overall, biking just gets  me into a health-conscious mindset.  Somewhat eating less, lol.  We gave up fried food for lent and that sort of worked out with a few exceptions, lol 😛  At least we’re not eating fast food and drinking sodas all the time.

I’ve had some people ask me to pick up golf, but I think that just seems kinda expensive.  You gotta pay every time you wanna play.  Either the driving range or the golf course has some sorta fee.  You can just jump on the bike whenever the hell you want.

My DSLR camera spending spree has come to a halt… I can’t remember the last time I bought something camera-related.  But I think I’m satisfied enough there, :-P.

The MS150 is less than two weeks away and I’m not worried at all about being able to finish.  I’m more worried about getting a nasty tan line.  I’m pretty excited about it, considering I haven’t even done a normal bike ride.  I’ll probably sign up for a ride or two this year in addition to the MS150… I’m just glad I started getting into biking over the past few months and it’s really opened up the doors to getting back in shape again.