Ni Hao!

I don’t really have a lotta time to update since we booked a tour and it’s leaving in about 25 minutes, but China’s been pretty good so far.  We’ve been able to get around without knowing the language…  the hardest part is probably at restaurants ESPECIALLY when they don’t have pictures on their menu, haha.  Currently we’re in Beijing, but we should be headed back to Suzhou (2 hour drive from the Shanghai airport) tomorrow.  Of course we’ve been taking lots of pics, but that will probably get uploaded when we get back :-)  We’re here for one more week and then it’s back to the US where I can have a good burger.

Us at the Forbidden City

late to the airport


We got to the airport super late today.  Checked in our bags like 20 minutes before the flight.  Kristine is optimistic that our bags made it.  Luckily we have time to kill in seattle so if our bags come in late, we can get them pretty easily.  If anyone has had a drink on southwest, they are pretty strong.  We have a ton of drink tickets and no food.  I might hurl at 30000 feet.

Currently in phoenix. Still gotta stop on vegas.