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Yeah, so I went to Gregory Gym earlier to get some info about track intramurals… lol, I don’t think I’m gonna do ’em… The meet is next Monday and I haven’t had any sort of physical activity since that Sunday during Goodphil… maybe if I had like another month to train every day…yeah.. But damn, it’s just too hard to fit that in to my schedule of school, cooking, eating, reading Xangas, and sleeping. I’ll probably go on Monday just to check it out for a while… just so I get a better idea for next year. But yeah, i’m outta shape. It took me a little more than two months to get into condition for Goodphil…and right now I’ve only got uhh.. 6 days. Next year. Next year.

So I’ve realized that I’ve got 3 EE tests next Thursday. I’ve really gotta study this weekend. I’ve got a American Lit exam tomorrow and I have no idea how I’m gonna do. I seriously can’t write for shit. During high school I thought I had a decent writing capability… I guess it’s all this math and shit that’s totally gotten me out of it. I’ve been averaging B- and C+ on the past few Essay exams. a C indicates that I am competent and able to answer the qeustion. To achieve a higher grade, I’m supposed to think contextually and go beyond spitting out facts and crap. This is exactly why I’m doing Engineering. Yeah, I definitely am not down with this Liberal Arts bullshit.

Aight, so I’m outta here to see if i can learn anything from this test review…I’m out.

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I don’t know what’s up but my mom’s been calling me up like every day for the past week. She calls me and tells me the same thing that she tells me over AIM the previous night. That’s right, my mom IMs me. How many of you can say the same, huh?

Who the fuck is Killer Mike?  jacking KoRn’s A.D.I.D.A.S…  if you’re gonna take something from another artist, at least make the song good…geez.

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K, I think I need to recap on this past weekend.  I didn’t end up going to Fajitafest on Friday…  By the time I got out of my Camp Texas meeting it was already like 5:30 and there was traffic on the freeway.  There was no way I was gonna make it to Zilker Park and then make it to the 7:00 Silk Mangos show…

So yeah, I just sat around here at the apartment thinking that the show wasn’t gonna start on time but yeah, I was wrong…  I still had to pick up April Grace cuz she said she wanted to watch the show.

So the BIG SHOW was pretty big..  I liked it alot…there was a good balance between serious and funny.  Not too long ago after our Opressionfest thing at A&M, I talked to Heidi about how after last year’s show I kinda thought that the shock value on the opression thing kinda went overboard to where non-asian people were getting the idea that us asians were angry about these incidents of injustice..  Like I kinda said about the conference at A&M, it’s good to recognize that there are occurrences of racism and injustice towards Asians, but let’s move on and focus on the positive aspects of Asian culture.  I just think that the Silk Mangos are a huge voice for the asian american community at UT…and yeah..  getting a positive message out is always good.  So anyway, when I was watching the show, I was like wondering if my input had an effect on the show…  I think it kinda did.

Man, some people were just acting stupid duing the show..  Ya know, making FSA look bad.  I laughed when I heard Margaret go “Shut up albo!”..  Hehe.

Anyway, I took April home down to Riverside afterwards..I asked if she wanted to hang with the rest of us after the show but she doesn’t feel too comfortable around FSA..  I pushed her a lot last semester to get involved in FSA but she didn’t budge.  I don’t know how you can not want to get involved in FSA..

Right, so I drove up to 303 where we drank it up…  I was begging to get piss drunk cuz i hadn’t felt like that in so long.  And that I did.  I had nothing to eat the whole day so I was gone pretty quick.  I remember doing that pee-wee herman dance to “Tequila”.  I passed out while watching Jackass and woke up when I guess everyone had left to Sixth street..  all the minors were left behind..hehe.  Yeah, so I was puking hardcore..  that’s what happens when you lay down.  it’s all good.  Good times.

Okay, so next day was the Texas Relays.  Xerx cancelled on me and so did Janie…  So thankfully Larae was still down..  Dang, talk about a ton of black people…  It was like that last year.  It was pretty tight… I love track…  Some guy had run a 9.92 100m..i forgot from where..  and during the 4×400 these high school girls were posting like 55 splits on each leg..  dang.  It’s just amazing to see how built some of these athletes were.  I can talk about this forever, but I’ll move on.

I went back down south to pick up Jae so we could head to Fuddrucker’s for Edita’s birthday..  Good eating…then we headed back to 303 for some cake..  We turned on the Kansas game and Marquette got whooped.  We watched the Texas game at Rob’s and yeah, it sucks that we lost.  I wanted to punch that smile off of Carmelo Anthony’s face.  Oh yeah, a ton of people were hooked on TextTwist on Yahoo.  I tried playing it on my own earlier and it’s a lot harder.  Heh.  Oh I was so annoyed by a particular person who needs to think before he speaks.  Just some of the comments made were so uncalled for.

Umm..yeah, so today was really uneventful… I went to St. Austin’s for church at 11:30..  and for all of today I didnt’ do much… I watched the Women’s game and that loss was even harder to deal with…  Grr, they coulda had that damn game.  Oh yeah, I cooked some beef broccoli… I had to start using up all the food in the fridge before it goes bad.  Aight, fuck, this blog was so long.  I’m out.

Hey guys, i got a new cell phone number..  You’ll have to IM me or something to get it cuz I don’t think publishing it on the web is the smartest idea.

Aight, I don’t know why this thing isn’t working as my background music, but I want you all to listen to a little bit of Glassjaw.  Here’s my favorite song from them…  it’s called Ape Dos Mil

Alright, I’m hammered.  and i haven’t felt like this in sooo long.  It’s a shitty feeling, but I feel a sense of satisfaction.  If you know what I mean.  Thank you Rico for driving me and my car home. 

mad props to all the Silk Mangos! Earlier’s show was so great.  I know they put so much time and effort into it…it really showed.

Fuck, i’d really like to talk more but I think i’m gonna pass out.  bye.

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What the hell…they put me on Xanga premium and I didn’t even ask for it.  punks.

so far i’ve only had one person comment on what I should do regarding where I blog.  Gayle suggested I just blog here and link over to my site whenever I have pictures.  Good thinking.  Besides how many of you people actually go to my website?  None of you.  That’s what I thought.  So I think I’m going to heed her advice.  It’s just more convenient for you all I guess and more people (including strangers) will be checking in. 

Alright, so let it be known!  Frank has totally given into Xanga.

In other news, Leah’s decided to run against me for treasurer…  our friendship has been put on “standby”.

Is it just me or are there 30 different things going on for FSA in the month of April?

The Texas Relays are this weekend….  on Saturday you will get to witness the two fastest men in the world run.  Maurice Greene and Tim Montgomery.  Each person has run the 100m in 9.79 and 9.78 seconds respectively.  Let me reiterate that THE FASTEST MEN IN THE WORLD WILL BE IN AUSTIN.  Tell me if you wanna come… Xerxes, Leah, and Janie have shown interest.  We’ll try and get outta there in time to watch some Final Four basketball.

A few people have asked where the hell I was this past weekend..  I was here at the apartment…doing a little bit of homework, watching movies..  oh yeah, rent Igby Goes Down…that’s gotta be one of my more favorite all time movies..  But yeah, I just didn’t take the initiative to call anyone last friday night…  and I didn’t find out about Erwin’s thing until I checked my e-mail around Midnight..  sorry erwin!  ya know I would’ve been there.

Oh yeah, I have never seen an April Fool’s joke go so far..  It was a freaking good one too.  This thing about TJ Ford, Mouton, and Ivey getting suspended from the Final Four due to academic reasons…  Man, so many people were freaking out…lol.  Including myself.

In closing, I would like to reaffirm my manhood by admitting that I like to sip beer with a straw.

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Dang, some of you all pay for Xanga??  WHY!?  Especially Allan, what the hell, you don’t even blog!

And do you guys think I should blog here or on my website…  in other words, which are you more likely to read?  If enough of you convince me to make the switch, I might…  It’s just that I like having my own webpage..   Xanga doesn’t have a picture gallery…hah, and some of you all are paying…fools.