Cycling is awesome. And you should bike too.

This is gonna be a random post of thoughts.

Out of all my interests/hobbies, I have to say cycling is probably the best thing I could be doing.  I wish I had picked this up a few years earlier.  So I’ll be honest, I haven’t lost very much weight since that post I made several months ago.  I’m still lingering around 187-190lbs.  BUT, I definitely feel a lot more in shape than I have in a few years.  According to a bunch of stuff I’ve read, I’m supposed to leave all that weight loss for the off season.

Compared to when I first got my bike last October, I’m not afraid of all the hills around our area.  They’re a piece of cake now.  Also, my average heart rate on my workouts was like 180+.  I knew something was definitely wrong when it was that high like four months ago.  Now I’m averaging around 160ish, which is awesome.  Because of this leg strength I’ve built back up, I’m able to run 3 miles w/o very comfortably and I’m not gasping for air…

Overall, biking just gets  me into a health-conscious mindset.  Somewhat eating less, lol.  We gave up fried food for lent and that sort of worked out with a few exceptions, lol 😛  At least we’re not eating fast food and drinking sodas all the time.

I’ve had some people ask me to pick up golf, but I think that just seems kinda expensive.  You gotta pay every time you wanna play.  Either the driving range or the golf course has some sorta fee.  You can just jump on the bike whenever the hell you want.

My DSLR camera spending spree has come to a halt… I can’t remember the last time I bought something camera-related.  But I think I’m satisfied enough there, :-P.

The MS150 is less than two weeks away and I’m not worried at all about being able to finish.  I’m more worried about getting a nasty tan line.  I’m pretty excited about it, considering I haven’t even done a normal bike ride.  I’ll probably sign up for a ride or two this year in addition to the MS150… I’m just glad I started getting into biking over the past few months and it’s really opened up the doors to getting back in shape again.

Status Update

Well I don’t think i’ve lost a pound, but I hear my friend Xerxes has lost 16.  I’ve also broken my wrist from snowboarding which limits me from riding my bike on the road so I have to make the best out of my  stationary trainer.  The MS150 is three months away so i’ve gotta train.  Losing 40 pounds would cause me to push 40 less pounds on the bike lol.

Getting Un-Fat

I have to admit that over the last few months, I’ve been pretty terrible at keeping myself active.  Typical work day would result in me coming home STARVING, going straight to the kitchen and starting up dinner, watching tv, getting online… and it was just an overall feeling of laziness because I was exhausted from work.  Now, I “try” to get to work by 8 so I can get out at 5 to fit a ride in because the sun’s going down earlier and earlier.  I’ve somehow gotten it into my head not to overeat as well.  I’m also going on a fried food hiatus.  Recently, I’ve recognized how often I was eating french fries.  A good two and a half years ago, I seriously couldn’t remember the last time I had a burger and fries.  I wanna go back to that.  My problem is that if you put all this food in front of me, I can eat it.  If you tell me that you’re going to throw away food, I’m going to eat it.

Ever since getting this bike, I’ve been pretty motivated to ride this thing every chance I get.  I hope it doesn’t wear off.  I hope I keep this going for years and years to come.  Granted, I spent more than some would plan on spending on a bike if they’re not a serious rider, but I WANT to get serious about it.  Now that I’ve stated it on this blog, I’m held accountable, haha.  I have to get serious.

I think one trigger for me getting serious about this whole thing was the health checkup they do for free at work.  I think for someone my height, I’m supposed to be down to 165lbs in order not to be called overweight…  I’m currently lingering around 200lbs.  I think according to their chart, if I kept the trend up, I was on my way to being obese.  It was also the first time that they told me I was about to have high blood pressure and I was about to have high cholesterol.  No bueno.  I used to be able to breeze through these stupid checkups.  Now I actually have to pay attention to this stuff.  Maybe I should use my damn health insurance for seeing the doctor on a yearly basis, lol.

Another trigger was Mr. Allan Jamir.  Success story.  We flew up to New York City the other weekend and he confirmed that he weighs less than me.  Allan used to be really fat and unattractive.  When we saw him coming downstairs from his work to meet us when we first arrived, I had to really say, “Damn he looks good now.”  Haha.  I know they walk alot in NYC, but my face is looking fat in pictures.  Good thing I’m behind the camera most of the time.

Also, it was pretty depressing when we were at the UNIQLO grand opening of their worldwide flagship store that all I could fit into was their SIZE 38.  Give me the benefit of the fact that I’ve usually had big thighs because of all the running I used to do.  Their $10 jeans were sort of straight fit for guys with skinnier legs than me.

The last time I was close to 200lbs was like 3 and a half years ago and I was able to get back down to 165.  So I think it’s doable if I can keep this up through the winter.  Speaking of Winter, I bought a bike trainer for 50 bucks on Craigslist to mount my bike on so I can ride when it’s cold outside.  I seriously have no excuse to not workout every day because I can watch TV episodes while I’m on there.

Anyway, here’s to losing a few pounds and feeling healthier.

My New Bike

Well, I finally moved on up to a road bike.  After owning a Trek FX 7.2 hybrid bike that I bought on Craigslist a while back, I realized that I was getting passed up all the time by people who looked like they were putting less effort on their road bikes, lol.  I had gone on a few bike rides at work sponsored by Mellow Johnny’s and couldn’t really hang for too long.  Granted I am probably out of shape, I knew the hybrid bike was limiting me.  So a few weeks after those rides I decided to seriously look around.

I knew I was going to have to put a pretty decent investment into a good bike, but as I’ve been stepping onto the scale and buttoning my pants lately, I really needed to get a good bike that would help me get pretty serious about getting back in shape.

My first stop was at Jack and Adam’s on Barton Springs Rd.  The guy there was pretty helpful right off the bat.  I’ve been to a bike store before where the people just plain-old sucked.  They’re snobs, not very helpful.  Anyway, the guy at Jack and Adam’s convinced me that the Felt Z85 was pretty much the best bang for my buck.  I did some research to see what other bikes came with Shimano 105 components and I think that this bike was the cheapest.  It also had a nice matte paint job which almost makes it look like it’s carbon fiber but it’s not.  As much research and comparing that I did, I was still pretty much sold on the Z85.  Unfortunately, Jack and Adam’s didn’t have any in my size in stock so I had to wait almost 2 weeks for it to come in.  What’s awesome is that they let you take it home with you for a few days to try it out.  Most other bike stores just let you take it for a 15 minute spin around the area.

I was amazed by how much quicker I could zoom by on this bike compared to what I used to have.  The difference in shifting was easy to get used to and the ride felt A LOT more comfortable.

So I’m still starting out, but I think I should be able to consistently do rides more than 20 miles at this point.  I definitely wanna be able to go out on much longer rides.  I have to get used to being on a bike for pretty extended lengths of time.  I notice myself having pretty crappy form so I get a bit sore, so I’ll need to fix that.  I’m really looking forward to getting serious about road biking and getting myself un-fat.

Birthday week = Fatness

Hmm.  So this week has been pretty gluttonous.  It’s kinda gross after looking at this list of what we’ve eaten.

Tuesday: Red Lobster Endless Shrimp
Wednesday: Free Gourmet Burger at Red Robin – A1 Peppercorn Burger
Thursday: Rudy’s w/ peeps
Friday: Jack Allen’s for Lunch – Chicken enchiladas (meh). My parents and Kristine’s parents cook a ton of Filipino food at our place.
Saturday: 10 mile morning ride, Fredricksburg Brewery – Another Burger.  Golden chick for dinner
Sunday: leftovers for lunch, SALT LICK family style for dinner.

I think I’m done eating meat for a while.  Actually we have to eat these leftovers and then I can fast from meat for a while.  And I need to get some exercise again.

Mopac/45/Veloway Bike Ride

I just started using this Instamapper application together with my Blackberry and it puts out decent results without having to go buy a Garmin Forerunner. The Garmin is still on my Christmas wishlist though.

So regarding this ride, I did this ride initially with @djpinoy and @pedalmikester and had a really difficult time seeing as it was my first real bike ride. I tried it out again with @taboogle like two weeks ago and did alright. Yesterday I did better, but I didn’t have very much energy considering I had only about 4 hours of sleep the night before. It was way more dangerous this time since it was after work hours and there was a lot more traffic coming through. There’s some parts where there isn’t a emergency lane on the right. But I survived. Looking to try it again only on early weekend mornings :-P.

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