Birthday week = Fatness

Hmm.  So this week has been pretty gluttonous.  It’s kinda gross after looking at this list of what we’ve eaten.

Tuesday: Red Lobster Endless Shrimp
Wednesday: Free Gourmet Burger at Red Robin – A1 Peppercorn Burger
Thursday: Rudy’s w/ peeps
Friday: Jack Allen’s for Lunch – Chicken enchiladas (meh). My parents and Kristine’s parents cook a ton of Filipino food at our place.
Saturday: 10 mile morning ride, Fredricksburg Brewery – Another Burger.  Golden chick for dinner
Sunday: leftovers for lunch, SALT LICK family style for dinner.

I think I’m done eating meat for a while.  Actually we have to eat these leftovers and then I can fast from meat for a while.  And I need to get some exercise again.