Austin City Limits 2010 Day 1

Day 1 is in the books and I have to say it was pretty decent.  Even though I think I’d already seen like 3 of the acts previously, it still turned out great.  Notable acts included:

Miike Snow – they’re really awesome live
Pat Green – I could watch him a million times and listen to his songs a million times and never get tired
Vampire Weekend – I really need to get their second album
The Strokes – “oh, they sing that song?!”  – I still think the lead singer is the worst vocalist in the world

So let me talk about prohibited items at ACL.  We had about a 25 minute trek from our car to the gate.  The lady who’s inspecting our bags tells me that I can’t bring my flag pole in because it’s over 8 feet.  GARBAGE.  EVERY FLAG POLE IN THE PARK IS WAY OVER 8 FEET.  We were on our way to return the damn thing and Rico calls just to tell me to try another gate.  So we did.  And I also turned the flag pole over inside my chair bag so that they couldn’t see that the pole could extend.  Alas, we got in.

Another prohibited item are cameras with removable lenses.  Everyone had a freaking DSLR.  I have a nice little pocket in my camelbak which they won’t even think to inspect where I can hide it tomorrow.  Awesome.

Lastly, I spent a good $50 bucks on the flag pole (which was partly why I was pissed after the first woman turned me away).  But it was money well spent.  You could see this flag from FAR away.  It also drew a lot of attention.  We seriously had like 6 or 7 people ask what flag this was.  We need signage saying that it’s the Filipino flag so that you can effectively tell your friend to meet under the Filipino and Texas Longhorn flag.  We also had random Filipinos come by and get all excited to see us to tell us that they were Filipino and it was just awkward after that.  Maybe we’ll just invite them to have a beer with us in our circle.

K, that’s all.  Maybe you will get lucky and get an update tomorrow.